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How to Snowboard
Before you start snowboarding, you need to decide whether your "regular" or "goofy" (definitions of this snowboard lingo can be found in the glossary.) I find that the best way to decide this is to run on a tile floor, jump in midair, turning 90 degrees in whichever way is more comfortable. When you land, if your left foot is forward, you're "regular". If your right foot is forward, you're "goofy".

Next, it is best to pick out a snowboard. While it may be easier to rent a snowboard, I find it best to just go out and buy one. When renting, you have to get accustomed to your rental board. With your own snowboard, there is no need to spend valuable time familiarizing yourself with the board.

Now you can actually start snowboarding. The main rule to snowboarding is: "No Crying". No matter how discouraged you feel, you must not cry.

How to Sideslip:
To sideslip you stand with both feet in front of you. You slowly lean back on your board, and you should start moving at a slow speed down the mountain. To sideslip with your back away from the mountain, turn around, so you're looking up the mountain. Slowly lean on the front, of the board, and you should start moving at a slow speed down the mountain.

How to Stop:
One of the most important things you will learn how to do in snowboarding is stopping. When learning, the quickest and easiest way to stop is to simply fall. However, I find it easier to swing your board 90 degrees, so both your feet are in front of you. This will take a lot of practice, and few do it during their first day.

How to Turn:
Another important thing you will learn during snowboarding is turning. Turning is probably the hardest part to snowboarding. To turn you lean on the edge of your board, almost like your surfing or skateboarding. This will take a very long time to master so keep on trying, and don't get discouraged.

And that is pretty much the basics of snowboarding.

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